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At The Water's Edge: 14-Track CD
(Limited Edition)

£1.99 (plus postage and packing)

"... able to put unflinchingly honest songs to warm, melodic music.... a favourite for those with itchy feet..." Luke Paulo, Reading Musician

"... an array of very strong songs, with catchy choruses, demonstrating a strong singing voice and real passion for his songs - I'd recommend checking Andrew out live soon." Joanne Kelly, Reading Radio DJ

"Listening to Andrew Shearer's CD, "At The Water's Edge." Very impressed! *Dances*" Raji Kulatilake, Reading Musician

"... Andrew has the gift of making people feel good about themselves...." Maija, Reading Musician

"I've been listening to At The Water's Edge - very impressed, really like it, has a sort of Lou Reed/Velvet Underground feel to it - good songs, quite quirky and unusual, thoughtful lyrics and some stand out guitar playing!" Brian Hurrell, Farnham Musician

"a cracking singer/songwriter" Aquillo, Farnham Band


If I'm honest At The Water's Edge is far a from perfect album. It was done completely the wrong way round with me recording it at home straight-off (but mastered in California) whereas I should have gone out and played live and met some musicians and then gone to a studio. Hindsight is a great thing!

However having played the songs live now for over a year with just me on guitar I know the songs stand up and the plan is to record the album properly with some of the wonderful musicians I've met over this past year. I guess the At The Water's Edge CD can be viewed as a deluxe demo (only 1000 copies have been pressed and there are no plans to press more).

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