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All instrumentation by Andrew Shearer except Andrew Holdcroft on the following:

1.You've Got The Magic Back (Holdcroft / Shearer): solo guitars; bass, main drums;

<2. Something Wild (Shearer): guitars, bass, drums, guitar synth;

<3. Get Up! (Shearer): guitars, bass;

<4. The Things She Said (Holdcroft / Shearer): guitar;

<6. They're Going To Get You (Shearer): heavy guitar, solo guitar;

<8. Love You To Death (Shearer): solo guitar;

<9. Smugglers' Blues (Shearer): guitars;

<11. It's Just Not There (Holdcroft / Shearer): solo guitar;

<12. Can't Let Go (Holdcroft / Shearer): guitars, drums;

<13. Crackerjack (Shearer): electric guitars, ebow, bass, backing vocals.


Andrew Shearer.

Andrew Holdcroft.

Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering

Andrew Shearer, Diarmuid Mallon.


Andrew Holdcroft for great guitar and general musician ship, and for the time, effort and patience through the endless reviewing.

At The Water's Edge: Andy Windridge, Damian & Georgie Mudge, Dave & Liz Wheeler, Mary Young, Catherine Greatrex, Jocelyn Fiske, David Martin, Eileen Wenden, Adrian Friars, Joshua Stark, Zainab Khan, Daood Khan, Richard Worthingtom, Natalie Kolodieg, Andy Conn, Brian Hazard, Darrin Wilkinson, Diarmuid Mallon, Tutu Melaku, The Global Cafe, The Four Points.

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