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  •  Andrew Shearer @ Rowbarge Guildford 2013. Photo by Vic Cracknell
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  • Andrew Shearer @ The Retreat by Vanessa Lovegrove 2014
  •  Love The Stones' Cover (Sympathy For The Devil). Vic Cracknell, Surrey & Hants Musician / Promoter

BLOG 2011

9th February 2011

Finding Joe: A film by Patrick Takaya Solomon

Interested to learn this morning of a film by Patrick Takaya Solomon, which is a feature length documentary about the teachings of Joseph Campbell; specifically "The Hero's Journey" and being guided by "following your bliss". More information about the film can be found here and here.

The reason why the film is of interest is because Joseph Campbell was the inspiration behind the song You've Got The Magic Back and I guess to large extent also At The Water's Edge, more details can be found here.