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  •  Andrew Shearer @ Rowbarge Guildford 2013. Photo by Vic Cracknell
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  • Andrew Shearer @ The Retreat by Vanessa Lovegrove 2014
  •  Love The Stones' Cover (Sympathy For The Devil). Vic Cracknell, Surrey & Hants Musician / Promoter

BLOG 2011

20th May 2011

Early Morning Calls

Experience tells me an early morning call only means very bad news. This time, on Monday, although bad, it wasn't as bad as I feared when I answered the phone. Nevertheless it's been a hell of a week. I feel like Death has walked past the front door, paused and then walked on. Go away, damn you.

Needless to say, no time or head-space for performances (or writing), hopefully normal service will be resumed next week.