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BLOG 2012

25th August 2012


I've never been a great fan of Russel Brand but I was impressed by his programme last week Russel Brand: From Addiction To Recovery. (You can still watch it in the UK on iPlayer until 6th September 2012.)

This time last year I had the honour of being part of a group who helped a friend who'd fallen foul of alcohol. He was pretty much at Death's door (in fact he'd probably now joke that he was pretty much through the door). He was the one who recommended the Brand programme and indeed I thought much of what Brand said, having spent a few months meeting my friend on a daily basis, made a lot of sense. I've probably got more to write on this as I think I learned a lot from the experience but I'd want to run it past my friend first. However I did want to give the heads up to anybody who might be interested in the programme.

And my friend? Healthy and in full-time high-powered employment. A remarkable recovery considering the situation just over a year ago. He had help but no amount of help would have worked if it hadn't been for his desire and will to get better. Well done mate.