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BLOG 2012

30th September 2012

Joanne Kelly / Strawberry Sundae Interview

photo by Joanne Kelly

A big BIG thank-you to Joanne Kelly whom clearly had done some research and preparation for our interview last night on her radio show Strawberry Sundae. I was more than happy to answer the questions that she asked and I could have easily chatted away for much longer. Actually I left the studio a little stunned (still am to be honest) with the realisation that I'd spoken about things which I rarely speak but which are important to me.

There's always the fear in these situations that the conversation will be stilted or the questions will be awkward but it all just turned out to be most enjoyable. Thanks too for the listeners' questions and comments, although methinks my "biggest fan", J.J. Mimsie, was being a little mischievous. (:-) (I've just realised that she may have been hoping for an entirely different answer to the one that I gave for the Crackerjack question.) I'm not sure if I have the best voice for radio (too many hums and ahs too) but I hope some enjoyed it and found it interesting. If I'm honest I guess the only negative (listen, this is me you're reading about - there's bound to be a negative!) was with my playing. Also I think my playing style isn't the easiest to record through just one mic (there was alot of overloading and distortion) and I was strangely disconcerted by not having a mic in front of my mouth but hopefully it came across okay. The different sections of the interview are below.

Thanks again Joanne.

Introduction to interview.
Giving up job - mad or brave?
Lead into The Things That She Said.

The Things That She Said

Part 2: How did you get into writing / music?>
Discovering Bryan Ferry / Roxy music
Story of At The Water's Edge
Introducing Bryan Ferry's "Casanova"

Casanova (Bryan Ferry)


Part 3:

Chat about Roxy music

Cold Heart live

What's Cold Heart about?

Part 4:

Chat about release of the album At The Water's Edge
Lyrics for new album Postcard
Why post the lyrics early, before they're finished?
Introducing Bonnie Raitt, mentioning of Leonard Cohen style of writing for I'm Your Man

Leonard Cohen talking about writing lyrics for I'm Your Man Leonard Cohen talking about lyric writing at the time of I'm Your Man (1988)

Song Track: Nick of Time (Bonnie Raitt)

Part 5:
A question about At The Water's Edge track Crackerjack
Which board game gives inspiration for songs? Computer Games?
Live version of Silent Valley
Future gigs
Big gig at The Global Cafe 11th December 2012
Getting a band together

Part 6: Approaches to writing
Love You To Death played especially for Strawberry Sundae listener J.J. Mimsie
Joanne starts "crying"
Introducing Robert Palmer's Remember To Remember

Song Track: Remember To Remember (Robert Palmer)

(Note the version that I prefer is off the Secrets album, there are several later remixes which I think are far inferior but seem to be the only ones available.)

Part 7: Listener question: "How has Gillian Welch influenced you?"
Long songs
QR Codes
Pros and cons of websites and social media
Nice compliment about
Live version of Last Night I Saw You Standing There

Part 8:

Comparisons with Lou Reed
Contact details / invitation to form band.

Song Track: I'm Alive (Jackson Browne)


Joanne's full playlist for the show can be found here