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  •  Andrew Shearer @ Rowbarge Guildford 2013. Photo by Vic Cracknell
  •  Absolutely Love This Song (Something Wild) DennyCraneLocknLoad, YouTube User
  • Andrew Shearer @ The Retreat by Vanessa Lovegrove 2014
  •  Love The Stones' Cover (Sympathy For The Devil). Vic Cracknell, Surrey & Hants Musician / Promoter

BLOG 2011

24th August 2011

Looking For Clues

Hmm, I don't know if this is a good idea or not but there's a "back-story" of how I got to this point and it's being told here. The upside is that it's pulling everything together for me as I consider the next step; the downside is that everybody might consider I'm mad! I guess what tips the balance for me is that the artists I admire are the ones that reveal something of themselves. There's a degree of honesty about what they do and thereby also a risk. Unsurprisingly, I'm pompous enough to consider myself an artist, so here goes....

Note: if you want to be notified when chapters are added to the "story" then this is the Twitter page and this is the Facebook page, which are different from elsewhere on the site.