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  • Andrew Shearer@Gloabal Cafe 2014
  •  I've been listening to At The Water's Edge - very impressed, really like it. Has a sort of 
Lou Reed / Velvet Underground feel to it - good songs, quite quirky and unusual, thoughtful lyrics and some stand out guitar playing! Brian Hurrell, Wychwood,
  •  Andrew Shearer@ Monument Newbury 2014. Photo by Wendy Page
  •  Listening to Andrew Shearer's CD, At The Water's Edge. Very impressed! *Dances* Raji K


I Shall Wait Forever


Couldn't help this chemistry
Couldn't have dreamt it through alchemy
Always your sweet, sweet smile
Enough to keep me going mile after mile

There are no signs
Except that it feels divine
There's never enough time
Even if we had all the time in the world

I don't understand our fate
It surely must be some kind of mistake?
If we were meant to be
Then what happened to our destiny?

Our lives so similar
Running in parallel
Never to meet
Until infinity

If it's got to be never
Then I shall wait forever
If it's got to be never
Then I shall wait forever

At the edge of the universe
I'll meet you at that corner
Where I'll remind you
Of all that was unsaid

© 2008 Andrew Shearer.

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