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  • Andrew Shearer@Gloabal Cafe 2014
  •  I've been listening to At The Water's Edge - very impressed, really like it. Has a sort of 
Lou Reed / Velvet Underground feel to it - good songs, quite quirky and unusual, thoughtful lyrics and some stand out guitar playing! Brian Hurrell, Wychwood,
  •  Andrew Shearer@ Monument Newbury 2014. Photo by Wendy Page
  •  Listening to Andrew Shearer's CD, At The Water's Edge. Very impressed! *Dances* Raji K


Last Night I Saw You Standing There


Last night I saw you standing there
I tried hard to hide my stare
You were looking so beautiful and fine
Drinking your wine

Last night I saw you standing there
I like your style and what you wear
You're charming and so bright
How come you've got it all just right?

I don't know why I feel this way
I do but I don't want to say
When I see you in this light
Makes me feel so right
When I look at you
And all the things you do
I think to myself that I'd like to be with you
Then I smile to myself that I'm already with you

Last night I saw you standing there
I ran my fingers through your hair
Put my arms around you tight
Whispered goodnight
Kissed you

© 2008 Andrew Shearer.

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