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  • array of very strong songs, with catchy choruses, demonstrating a strong singing voice and real passion for his songs - I'd recommend checking Andrew out live soon. Joanne Kelly, Reading Radio DJ
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  •  You've Got The Magic Back...They are great lyrics and very pertinent to my thoughts. Jayne 

Ferst, Novelist
  • You've Got The Magic Back
  • I thought Something Wild was an Old Velvet Underground tune I hadn't heard. Excellent!!? I dig it all. Obdan, YouTube User
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  • Nice Set Last Night ... Really Cool Jon Hubbard, Hubcap Promotions, Reading Promoter
  • Something Wild Andrew Shearer
  •  Absolutely Love This Song (Something Wild) DennyCraneLocknLoad, YouTube User
  •  Andrew Shearer @ Rowbarge Guildford
  •  Love The Stones' Cover (Sympathy For The Devil). Vic Cracknell, Surrey & Hants Musician / Promoter
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  •  I've been listening to At The Water's Edge - very impressed, really like it. Has a sort of 
Lou Reed / Velvet Underground feel to it - good songs, quite quirky and unusual, thoughtful lyrics and some stand out guitar palying! Brian Hurrell, Wychwood,
  • Cold Heart Andrew Shearer
  • A cracking singer / songwriter Aquillo, Farnham Band
  •  Listening to Andrew Shearer's CD, At The Water's Edge. Very impressed! *Dances* Raji K
  • ....Andrew has the gift of making people feel good about themselves... Maija, Reading Musician
  • to put unflinchingly honest songs to warm, melodic music... a favourite for those with itchy feet... Luke Paolo


Something Wild


Once bitten she's not twice as shy
Got to close the windows to keep in her sighs
Her fingers running through tigers' fur
She loves to mix danger with her pleasure

She doesn't want to be tied down
She just loves to be chained and bound
A fondness for handcuffs
When we make love
But when she asks me to put her on her leash
I still know she'll always be out of reach

And she's oh so guilty free
(Something Wild)
Unfaithful with impunity
(Something Wild)
I can't believe she's such a good liar
So I just keep walking blindfold on this high wire

Tempting me into doing wrong
Will I be sorry when she's gone?
My head's in turmoil
My blood's on the boil
The touch of her skin, throw caution to the wind
Ooooh let the sin begin

Such good times will be hard to forget
Or will I just be left with regret?
I turn a blind eye to all her debts
Will she just drain me 'till I've nothing left?

If only I could trust her for a while
(Something Wild)
But give her an inch and she'll just take a mile
(Something Wild)
My common sense lost in exile
My mixed emotions hard to reconcile

No need to tell me
I'm playing with fire
She's so hot
Full of desire
She knows no shame
And thinks it's all a game
It should have been a clue
When she said her name was Lulu
(Oh it should have been a clue!)

There's a darkness in her smile
(Something Wild)
"Handle with care", she's so volatile
(Something Wild)
Sex just wrecked the thermopile
She's something wild

She's not the kind of girl you'll walk up the aisle
(Something Wild)
I'm just another heart in her stockpile
(Something Wild)
I try to resist but it's so futile
She's something wild

And now she's getting me oh so riled
(Something Wild)
With her tears of expensive crocodile
(Something Wild)
All good in me is just being defiled
She's something wild

© 2008 Andrew Shearer.

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