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NEWS 2010

8th October 2010

ReverbNation, Charts, thesixtyone

Well it seems this ReverbNation thing was a good idea (pales into insignificance when compared with all the bad ideas I've had, but that's another story). It seems that we're now at position 38 in the local charts (Click here for the latest position). I realise in the grand scheme of things it is position 38 in a small local chart in a small country, however I don't think its significance should be underestimated with respect to increasing exposure, particularly the higher up the chart we can get.

Chart placings seem to be based on a combination of the number of times songs from the album are played and the number of "fans" we have. With that in mind, could I ask a BIG favour please? Could we get you to play a few songs from the album and become a "fan"? (You get 5% discount on any product on if you subscribe / become a fan).

You can become a fan either by:

a. clicking on "Become A Fan" on the ReverbNation profile page, or

b. clicking on "Join Fanlist" on the "Band Profile" tab on the FaceBook page

(If you have already subscribed to, this does not prevent you from becoming a fan on ReverbNation and you will not receive duplicate notifications.)

THESIXTYONE: Whilst we're in "promo mode", we should also tell you that we've put one of our most popular songs, "The Things That She Said", on the THESIXTYONE site. If you like the song, could we ask you to show your support by ♥ it please? Thanks.

And finally, whilst you're being hit by this "hard sell", could we ask you tell your friends about us and At The Water's Edge please? (Actually, even your enemies too.) Thanks.

As always, many thanks for your interest and support, it's much appreciated.