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NEWS 2012

12th May 2012

Special Screening of Finding Joe at Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading, 18th May 6:30pm


No performances from me this week (nor next week) as I need to concentrate on writing. However I have finally written the piece on the film Finding Joe to coincide with the special screening that I've been able to arrange next week in Reading. The piece and details of the screening can be found here.

I think there's a good chance that the screening is going to be one of those situations where something has connected with me but then when I try and share it with others they can't see what I'm making a fuss about or worse, they fear I'm trying to indoctrinate them. I certainly hope the latter is not true. The comedy of the situation won't be lost on me if I'm the only one at the screening on Friday, though if that turns out to be the case it doesn't matter as there isn't any big financial investment which needs to be recouped on my part, and actually, writing the piece (there is a lot that was written but discarded for use elsewhere) has been of benefit, at least to me.

Seriously though, I think the film might particularly be of interest to artists, musician s writers etc, especially those that are trying to make a "go of it" and also to those that feel like they are "outsiders". However, I think it'll also appeal to those people who aren't necessarily artists but have always had a deep-seated yearning to do something but haven't because they fear the negative consequences. Anyway, get this week out of the way and I'll not mention the film ever again. (:-).

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Have a great weekend.