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  • Andrew Shearer@Gloabal Cafe 2014
  •  I've been listening to At The Water's Edge - very impressed, really like it. Has a sort of 
Lou Reed / Velvet Underground feel to it - good songs, quite quirky and unusual, thoughtful lyrics and some stand out guitar playing! Brian Hurrell, Wychwood,
  •  Andrew Shearer@ Monument Newbury 2014. Photo by Wendy Page
  •  Listening to Andrew Shearer's CD, At The Water's Edge. Very impressed! *Dances* Raji K


Me, My Guitar and a Little Red Car


Now the time has come
To leave El Dorado
For so long it's been my sanctuary
But to stay, I'd never be free

I pick up treasures
Of this life so far
Memories flash before my eyes
Now it's time to say goodbye

This feeling of death is so strange
Where something is lost and something's gained
I close the draw
Lock the door

I start to leave
A sigh of relief
Ahead is the Western Star
Now there's just me, my guitar and a little red car

© 2012 Andrew Shearer.