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  • Andrew Shearer@Gloabal Cafe 2014
  •  I've been listening to At The Water's Edge - very impressed, really like it. Has a sort of 
Lou Reed / Velvet Underground feel to it - good songs, quite quirky and unusual, thoughtful lyrics and some stand out guitar playing! Brian Hurrell, Wychwood,
  •  Andrew Shearer@ Monument Newbury 2014. Photo by Wendy Page
  •  Listening to Andrew Shearer's CD, At The Water's Edge. Very impressed! *Dances* Raji K




Sunday nights
Used to be nice
All together
Whatever the weather

Didn't understand
What happened?
So young
Where had you gone?
And for how long?

Monday morning
Didn't know what it meant
I might have dreamt
When he said
You were dead

People so nice
Sugar and spice
The pictures remain
The memory ingrained

Tears of grief
Lay the wreath
Kind regards
To the thief

Now I'm older
People say bolder
But sometimes when things aren't so clear
I wish you were here

© 2012 Andrew Shearer.