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GIGS 2012

Thursday 5th April 2012

The Railway Arms, Alton GU34 2RB

Vic's Buskers open-mic hosted by Vic Cracknell

"Stars in Alignment"

One of the benefits of going to open-mics is discovering new acts and last night it was as if for me the planets had come into alignment as four (not three as previously thought) of my favourite acts played (click on the links to see what I've previously said about them):

            Curtis White Russian Vernon's Friends Silvertooth Slim Andrew Shearer

A very enjoyable evening. Oh by the way, my set seemed to go okay too! Thanks to Paula for the photo.

My Set:

Don't forget I have a showcase at Deja Vu (RG1 2LG) on 13th April. The latest details can be found here.

And also don't forget the screening of Finding Joe hosted by Stand-Up Cinema at Reading's The Rising Sun Arts Centre on May 18th at 6:30pm. The start time is early so that the film will end by 8:00pm and not conflict with Bohemian Night Showcase. If you're an artist, writer, musician , or just someone wanting to break out and go their own way, or even actually dare I say, a Star Wars fan, then I think you might find the film interesting and indeed I hope encouraging. (Throughout this site there are references to the film, I hope to bring them all together in the very near future.)