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GIGS 2012

Sunday 26th February 2012

Hop Leaf, Reading, RG1 2QZ

Boho at The Hop open-mic hosted by Rob Sowden

"Jam-packed with Superb Acts"

Excellent night last night at the Hop Leaf, jam-packed with superb acts. Standouts for me were Dolly and the Clothes Pegs' finale of upbeat hoe-down songs; Damian A. Passmore's hilarious songs about the ramifications of Mexican food-poisoning and Hillbilly marriages (two separate songs!); and Maija Päivikki Cooper's songs which I don't think would be out of place on the soundtracks of European arthouse films.

As for me, irony hit hard as I forgot some of the words and chords to Cold Heart (how can that happen?!) having just discussed that it was the song that I felt most on top of. Apparently no one noticed. I must say, and it might be the cause of my amnesia, but I'm always surprised how Cold Heart seems to get everyone's attention when I start playing it. I finished off with a "slightly exaggerated violent version" of the lived-in face story as an introduction to I Still Miss Someone which got a few laughs and is always a good feeling.

It really was an excellent night.

Some final points of interest:

  • "Dolly and the Clothes Pegs" and "Damian A Passmore and the Fraudsters" are both on the bill of about seven acts that are playing the benefit gig at The Rising Sun Arts Centre on Friday to try and raise money for a new roof. A long time ago I spent many hours in the Rising Sun's studio and used to take my pupils there for studio experience. Raising money for the centre's maintenance is a cause well worth supporting.

  • Maija Päivikki Cooper has a showcase set at Deja Vu on Friday 30th March.

My Set: