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NEWS 2010

11th December 2010

Bryan Ferry Competiton, Shop, At The Water's Edge, Joseph Campbell, Follow Your Bliss

And the winner is....


Well, surprisingly there are no winners in the Bryan Ferry competition that we ran recently. The song I submitted to Bryan Ferry all those years ago was actually "Love You To Death". The most popular entry for the competition was "Last Night Night I Saw You Standing There" so maybe I should try and submit that to him next because clearly I know nothing! Anyway, thank-you for all your entries, it was a surprisingly successful cost-effective promotional tool (:-).

It's hard to believe that it's two years since this website was launched and I did that first gig. That was quite a "stressy" but memorable birthday as it is today as I write this to you, having just spent the last three hours uploading, checking and testing the shop. Yes, that's right, can you believe it? The CD of At The Water's Edge is finally here. Okay, a small, slight, wee, white lie - it's not quite here. It's being printed and pressed as we speak and will be available in the next two weeks, but in the meantime you can pre-order it.

Friends and followers of these pages have despaired as this project has gone way beyond any semblence of schedules or budgets. It's been quite an adventure and not always pleasurable. The tinitus is something which I continue to berate myself over. It was stupid, I was aware of the warning signs but ploughed on (and ploughing does seem an apt analogy or dare I say "motored"?) But I also understand why I did it: the pressure of trying to get things finished.

And now that it is finished who knows whether it's all been worth it? For me there is something special about it. I realise in hindsight, that although I was unaware of it at the time I was trying to produce "something more than just a throw-away music CD". I know beauty is only in the eye of the beholder and most of you will be thinking "b*****t" or worse, but if it encourages just one person in the same way that I was encouraged by Richard Bach or Joseph Campbell then maybe it will all have been worth it.

I want to write more about Joseph Campbell and "Follow your bliss" and how it's related to "You've Got The Magic Back" etc but it would also be quite nice not to spend the whole of my birthday at the PC, so with that in mind it shall follow next week. And surely, surely ("Don't call me Shirley!" - RIP Leslie Neilson and thanks for the laughs) you've had enough already?

Have a great day.