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NEWS 2012

4th October 2012

Gig Tonight at Hook And Tackle

30 mins Set Tonight

Just a reminder that I have a 30-minute set at The Hook And Tackle, Reading, (RG1 2ND) tonight. If any of you can make it, it would be great to see you. More details can be found here.

Interview Last Sunday

picture by Joanne Kelly

I had a very enjoyable interview with Joanne Kelly last week. I've probably thanked her too much now but I think it's success was largely due to her preparation and research; so once again Joanne, thanks! In the show I spoke about things of which I rarely speak, even to friends, and in way I feel like the show gave a glimse of the real me. Whether that is of interest to anyone else of course is a different matter. Anyway, the interview and details of the show can be found here.


Two performances from me since I last wrote:

"The Hop Leaf"

"And the Winner Is..."

With Best Wishes,