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NEWS 2012

7th January 2012

Finding Joe, Joseph Campbell, Looking For Clues, White Russian


Happy New Year to you all!

As some of you will remember, last year I spoke of my interest in the discovery that a film was being made about what Joseph Campbell called The Hero's Journey. My DVD copy of Finding Joe arrived on New Year's Eve and I've got to say it was a great start to my new year. I've written a little more about it here.

Not entirely unrelated, some of you may also be interested to know that I've added another chapter to Looking For Clues.

No performances from me last week, but I start again on Monday. As always, up-to-date performance information can be found here.

Finally, whilst on the topic of performances you may recall that at the end of last year I sang the praises of White Russian; if you're in the Alton area you maybe interested to know they're playing there next Friday.

Once again, Happy New Year to you all.

With Best Wishes,