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NEWS 2012

13th January 2012

Finding Joe, Pat Soloman; Luke Paulo ; Looking For Clues; Memories, Dreams, Reflections: Carl Jung; White Russian, Vic Cracknell


Two enjoyable performances this week:

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

Deja Vu, Reading

I should be doing a gig with Luke Paulo at The Jolly Anglers and a showcase at Deja Vu in February. I'll let you have the details as soon as they have been finalised. As always up-to-date information about my performances can be found here.

I haven't added as much as I wanted to Looking For Clues this week, however there is a small chapter added about Carl Jung's book Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

Pat Soloman liked what I said about his film Finding Joe and retweeted it, which brought my work to a larger audience. Although it wasn't the intention it was much appreciated. I do think the film will give encouragement for some to believe in themselves more and in turn realise that perhaps they're not as foolish as they or others might think. So if you run a film club (or actually any type of club) where you think the members will appreciate the film let me or Pat know.

I guess there's a symbiosis at work above which neatly brings me to White Russian and a reminder that they are playing in Alton tonight.

Actually lets really push this symbiotic boat out... if you're in the Godalming area of Surrey tonight or tomorrow night (14th Jan) and fancy an enjoyable singalong night out you won't do much better than be at Vic Cracknell's acoustic jukebox at the Woolpack, Elstead, GU8 6HD. (Mention Vic's name and you can get 10% off your meal when you book).

Have a great weekend!

With Best Wishes,


PS Just noticed the Something Wild video has passed the 5,000 mark!