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NEWS 2012

7th April 2012

"In Every Dream Pub a Heartache"; "Heart song "; Stars in Alignment"; Deja VuShowcase; Finding Joe Screening at Rising Sun


Three interesting and enjoyable evenings this week:

"In Every Dream Pub a Heartache"


"Stars in Alignment"

Also, just to remind you that this forthcoming Friday (13th April) I have a 45 mins showcase at Deja Vu (RG1 2LG) at 9:00pm. (Evening starts with Rob Sowden at 8:30pm). L:atest details can be found here.

As always, for up-to-date information about intended performances please refer to the Gig 2012 page.

Don't forget the screening of Finding Joe hosted by Stand-Up Cinema at Reading's The Rising Sun Arts Centre on May 18th at 6:30pm. The start time is early so that the film will end by 8:00pm and not conflict with Bohemian Night Showcase. If you're an artist, writer, musician , or just someone wanting to break out and go their own way, or even actually dare I say, a Star Wars fan, then I think you might find the film interesting and indeed I hope encouraging. (Throughout this site there are references to the film, I hope to bring them all together in the very near future.)

I hope you're having a great Easter weekend.

With Best Wishes,