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NEWS 2009

23rd December 2009

Mastering, Twitter, MySpace, Happy Christmas

Well, what did I say the last time about making assumptions? True to this year's form the mastering hasn't been straight forward. Actually it hasn't even got started, due partly I guess to an oversight on my part. The good news is, as has been the case throughout this year, that not only have individual problems been solved but their resolution has had a ripple effect elsewhere. An example of that is that all the tracks sound even better now (and that's before mastering). Maybe I'm just being philosophical and positive but after my experiences this year I'm starting to think if things don't work out as planned then it just means there's something better round the corner (but you have to dig deep and solve those problems and it's not always a pleasant experience). Anyway, enough of these ramblings of a fool. I just wanted to give some plausible explanation for the broken promises of material being available before Christmas.

The site will be having a few cosmetic changes over the next few weeks and to save you wasting time trying to work out if anything is "really" new (such as me actually getting some music out) we can now alert you to any significant news via Twitter:

And, the MySpace page has been resurrected and can be found here:

(Pleeeese by my friend - God knows I need some (:-) )

(I might actually put some premastered clips up there in the short term - I'll notify you via Twitter.)

Finally, I know faith and patience in me is understandably waning (interestingly faith in myself has increased though this combatitive year) but once again I want to thank those of you that show interest, support and generosity. It never goes unnoticed and won't be forgotten; hopefully you'll be rewarded in January and will like "At The Water's Edge". Have a very happy Christmas and a very happy, healthy 2008-2013.