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GIGS 2011

Thursday 1st December 2011

The Railway Arms, Alton GU34 2RB

Vic's Buskers open-mic hosted by Vic Cracknell

I haven't been back to the Railway Arms since earlier in the year. It seems like light years ago now and it appears I've got my confidence back. However, I might be trying too hard to recreate Monday night's euphoric sing-along of American Pie. Again, for me at least, performance seems to be about a Zen-like idea of living in the moment and perhaps I didn't pick up the vibe from the audience as well as I could've done. Having said that, I did get a great round of applause and a number of very pleasant comments after (someone even said thank you!) so perhaps it's just me. More importantly, I guess, I felt I got a good reaction for the first two songs; in hindsight perhaps I should've done another one of mine but hey you can't blame a guy for sometimes going for the glory and a safe option.

Another superlative evening of music hosted by Vic Cracknell. There are so many talented people around it's unfair to pick out any particular act but I've got to say a couple of White Russian's songs did seem to strike an emotional chord with me which doesn't often happen.

Finally I'd like to add that if you're looking for an enjoyable musical night out I'd recommend that you go to one of Vic's gigs. I haven't been able to attend a dedicated evening of his yet but he often finishes his open-mics with a few songs and is excellent. With a repertoire of over 200 songs I'm pretty sure you're going to hear some of your favourites played live (usually with everyone singing along). His gig schedule can be found here.

Don't forget the gig on the 14th December - latest details here.

My set: