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GIGS 2011

Wednesday 14th December 2011

The Global Cafe, RISC, London Street, Reading

Affaire de Coeur Music presents Andrew Shearer / Luke Paulo

"From Zero To Hero"

Okay, a little bit over the top with the "Hero" bit but if you recall my first performance this year then I think that could definitely be classed as a "Zero". It has been quite a journey over the past eight months and to finish at The Global with what appears to be a well received performance and set is for me a perfect way to end the year.

This gig was very different from the one just over three years ago. Then the audience was largely made up of ex-colleagues and there was quite a lot of banter based on our shared history. Now however time and people have understandably moved on and last Wednesday felt more balanced with more of the audience either not knowing me or not being ex-colleagues. I've got to say I was particularly gratified with the lady who became my most "enthusiastic fan". When somebody you don't know says the things that she said you kind of feel you might be doing something right.

I haven't yet had chance to speak to Luke Paulo in detail but I think he too enjoyed himself, debuting his excellent set at the Global Cafe.

Thanks must go to the following:

  • Vince Hudson for the great sound - it makes all the difference when you can hear yourself properly through the monitors
  • Daood Khan for the genorosity of his time and usual great videoing
  • Doug Coulter of Ceol Picture Company.

Finally, a BIG THANKS for those of you that do know me and that attended, some of you travelled far and wide to be there and it was much appreciated.

My Set: