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GIGS 2012

Monday 4th June 2012

The Jolly Anglers, Reading RG1 3EA

Open-mic hosted by Tony Brown


Apparently it was the second anniversary of Tony Brown running the open-mic at The Jolly Anglers. As such it seemed only right that I should taunt him with my original American Pie T-shirt. And of course I had to finish my set too with that song, recruiting my regular partners in crime, Pete Crowther (on fiddle) and John the landlord and Andy Gingell on backing vocals. I don't know about Tony but it seemed the majority of the rest of the pub enjoyed it.

Since it was a double bank holiday and it seemed later than usual closing time, all the acts had the opportunity to do two sets and for the second I had the good fortune to have Lorenzo Todorow on saxophone accompany me. From where I was standing this seemed to work really well and apparently that was the case from the audience's point of view too.

A very pleasant evening.

And a word to the wise: John the landlord was offering £3 off any meal over £5 to any one who performed.

My Set 1

My Set: