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GIGS 2012

Saturday 2nd June 2012

The Sun Inn, Castle Street, Reading,RG1 7RD: HubFest

"Nice Review from Reading Radio DJ."

This was a very well organised event with a diverse range of acts overseen by Jon Hubbard for HubCap Promotions. On arriving I was pleasantly surprised to discover Mark Stratton and Eddie Marco of 12 Truths fame whom I had supported at the Rhu Bar at the beginning of May doing the sound. I've got to say although I was having a bit of a problem with "popping" on the mic (my fault), overall the sound I got from the vocal was probably the best I've ever had. Indeed there were a few occasions as I was singing when it occurred to me that maybe I can sing after all. (Shock horror!)

I thought my set went okay though I felt I lost people a little half way through. However a number of people said how they enjoyed my performance, so as always perhaps I'm not the best judge. I was particularly pleased with what Reading 4U Radio DJ Joanne Kelly said in her review of the evening:

"... an array of very strong songs, with catchy choruses, demonstrating a strong singing voice and real passion for his songs - I'd recommend checking Andrew out live soon."

Thanks Jo, that was really very much appreciated! (The rest of Joanne's review can be found here.)

I've got to say I find the video of my performance a bit cringeworthy. There is a strong temptation not to publish it but in the interests of "full-disclosure" and because of the positive comments here it is.

Of course it almost goes without saying that Paula Curtis' set which followed me was great. Luckily for you I had enough room on my camera to record that too. (Paula was accompanied by Katie Cooke and Simon Driscoll from Burnt Tomorrow.)

The rest of the evening's acts were interesting and enjoyable but perhaps not exactly to my taste. I have to own up to not giving them my full attention as I got distracted by a very enjoyable discussion with a new found writer friend and Luke Paulo on why we write. I did watch the final two acts and will say that although I'm not really into "heavy rock" I was impressed with the energy of Chalk Angels' act.

Once again I want to thank Jon Hubbard for inviting me to play and also to praise him on the organisation of the event: it's not easy coordinating so many people and variables (which can potentially go wrong at the last minute).

I guess that was my first festival!

My Set: