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GIGS 2012

Wednesday 20th June 2012

Deja Vu, Reading, RG1 2LG

Bohemian Night open-mic hosted by Rob Sowden

"Wonders Will Never Cease"

Okay I've had some complaints about the delay for this report for which I apologise. I've been doing some work for our Bohemian Night host Rob Sowden who has a new song being played on Linda Serck's BBC Introducing show this Sunday at 7pm. Rob's song, "Sorrow" is the second on the playlist and so I would say should be on between 7:00 and 7:15pm (i.e. BEFORE THE FOOTBALL! After which there's a chance all of England will be in sorrow - but hey let's not be defeatist - yet.) A download of the song will be available after the broadcast and details will be given on his Facebook music page and Twitter Feed at the time of the broadcast.

I also filmed Rob's set at Reading University Singer songwriters' Summer Festival on Thursday and the results can be found on his YouTube channel which I set up for him yesterday. I told you I'd been busy! In truth I'm a little wondrous that I find myself in a position because of what I've learned from setting up my own sites etc to be able to help such established and accomplished artists as Rob.

So what of Wednesday night? Well, what's not to like? Two of my familiar favourite local acts Maija and Luke Paulo and also Raji Kulatilake whom I rarely see these days. Raji has a new album coming our shortly, some of which Rob has already played through the PA recently and it sounds really good.

Maybe Raji's music is less to my taste than Luke's and Maija's but what always strikes me is the passion with which he plays. Also the shapes that he achieves with his left hand on the guitar I wouldn't have believed possible unless I'd seen them for myself.

Luke put in another quality performance on Wednesday. It's testament to his music that Raji said that he remembered Luke's songs even though he'd only seen him play once before. Luke has two major performances this week for Reading Arts Week, please visit his website for further details.

And then there's the prodigious Maija whose intense intimate songs always transport me back to thinking I'm in some Catherine Deneuvesque European art house film. And then to end it all she pulls a new song out of the bag! The final song reminded me a little of Abba actually, late Abba, with tones of a little "Winner Takes it All" and "The Day before You Came". A stunning performance and I think possibly the highlight of the evening for me.

And what of me? Well I don't know what's going on. I felt reasonably happy with my performance. I felt good on stage too. Wonders will never cease! Seriously though, it did feel as if a part of the performance jigsaw fell into place for me - certainly with my singing. And this seemed to be corroborated from the other side of the stage when Maija made a similar comment. In fact she expressed a desire to accompany me on Silent Valley. That's both Luke and Maija now. I never in my wildest dreams thought such accomplished musician s would be offering to play with me: I always thought I would have to resort to threats, bribery and bullying (all of which I'm an expert). Wonders will never cease indeed!

Don't forget Rob's song on the radio tomorrow at 7:00pm

My Set: