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GIGS 2012

Wednesday 29th August 2012

Hemingways, 48 High Street, Haslemere GU27 2LA

Bohemian Night open-mic hosted by Rob Sowden

"A Great Atmosphere"

Well I'm not sure what I was expecting of Hemingways. Perhaps a little empty wine bar with the musician s performing in the background as a few patrons ate and drank. I certainly didn't expect the musician s to be the main feature in a crowded wine bar as the diners and drinkers paid rapt attention. It was almost like a proper variety gig. There was really a great atmosphere in Hemingways last night and the audience was well served by my fellow musician s. I was particularly pleased to see one of my old (old as in knowing them for a while!) favourites, the eccentric (I think it's fair to say) duo Vernon's Friends whom I hadn't seen for sometime. There are some developments with this couple as Guy is now doing backing vocals. He also did some great "Princesque" guitar on the second song too. (I really do like his guitar playing, it seems to blend in so well with Em's keyboards). The quirkiness of their act I think sometimes betrays the well structured songs that they write. (I think also they were the only act that did all originals last night too.)

As for me, it was the debut performance of Sympathy For The Devil and as a debut it didn't go too badly; I got people up dancing anyway. It was also great to get Vernon's Friends showing their support with their percussive accompaniment too, that's always encouraging. I was going to do Love You To Death for the third song but I bottled it and played safe and did To The Bone, which perhaps I've played too much now recently. In hindsight Love You To Death I think would've been better.

Haslemere has played a significant part in my earlier lives, who'd have thought I'd be back there singing and playing guitar in this one. A personally very satisfying night.

Vic ended the night by paying tribute to all the acts that played. Indeed he should be thanked for organising such a great environment for us musician s to perform in. And actually, I would hope that he knows it's much appreciated what he does for live music generally in the area.


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