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GIGS 2012

Thursday 30th August 2012

Bat and Ball, Boundstone, Farnham, GU10 4SA

Vic's Buskers open-mic hosted by Vic Cracknell

"Nelson Towers"

Another great night at The Bat and Ball though I did wonder what the debut social-foible comedian who played earlier in the evening would make of him and his dozen or so friends making so much noise during the other acts that it was a job to hear them.

Highlight for me was Mark Nelson playing with Paul Stone on Cajon and Phil Thorpe on blues harp. I'm not a big fan of the blues but I really like Mark's songs. The fact that he plays only using one hand and gets the sound that he does is truly remarkable. I'd really recommend going to see him - I know he plays up at The Horns, Crondall quite frequently.

As for me, well after seeing Mark play one wonders where I've got the chutzpah from to pick up a guitar. Nevertheless I seemed to have been generally well received. Perhaps that's it, I've just got the chutzpah. Or maybe it's just sympathy....

My Set: