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GIGS 2013

Wednesday 8th May 2013

Monroe's Rock Cafe, Reading (RG1 2LG)

Bohemian Night open-mic hosted by Rob Sowden

"The Alchemic Manifestation of Pain"

Bit of a delay writing this report as I've been upgrading the Affaire de Coeur Music Ltd website (go take a look!) However I remember it was another enjoyable Bohemian Night though I felt my performance was a little lacklustre for reasons that I don't know.

As always it's a dangerous game talking about highlights of the evening as everyone was mostly great. However with the understanding that it's a taste thing I still recall that I liked the following:

  1. Rob Sowden's first song which cut through for me. I don't know if it's just the lowering of his songs by half a tone but they seemed different to me and I made more of a connection with them than I normally do
  2. I probably said enough about Helen Cuthberston-Reid in the previous post but once again I enjoyed Helen's voice and energy
  3. It's always good to hear and see the "virtuosic" Raji K's songs. But the thing that struck me tonight was how his fingers stretch so far across the fret-board and move so quickly, tarantula-like. (Do you see my masterplan there? People won't be able to watch him now without imagining spiders!) Always impressive.
  4. And finally Maija. I think the last time I saw Maija play solo she nailed it and she did it again tonight. I remember watching some of the audience - they were transfixed, mesmerised as pain was manifested before them like some sort of alchemy. I think the connection she made with the audience is what most of us aspire to.

My Set:

Also, just a reminder I'm supporting Robert Sowden on Saturday at The Greyhound