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GIGS 2014

Thursday 11th December 2014 9PM

The Global Cafe, London Street, Reading


"Back In The Global Cafe"

Jonas & Jane, Paula Curtis, Andrew Shearer, 11th December2014, Global Cafe, Reading Jonas & Jane, Paula Curtis, Andrew Shearer, 11th December2014, Global Cafe, Reading Jonas & Jane, Paula Curtis, Andrew Shearer, 11th December2014, Global Cafe, Reading

What a great night this was, largely due to Jonas and Jane, whom every time I see them remind me more and more of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings (my writing of Silent Valley was influenced greatly by Welch / Rawling's 15 mins I Dreamed a Highway); and the ever, indispensible and engaging Paula Curtis. I said it on the night and I've said it elsewhere, Paula is one of the those local acts that has the rare ability to connect with an audience (I haven't seen her fail yet). You can see how good both acts were above and many have said to me how both acts were outstanding on the night and I thank Katherine, Charlie and Paula for their help in making the night the success that it was.

As for me, I'd spent quite a bit of time (too much in hindsight) learning a new song for the night. A friend had been to a couple of gigs recently and she said she'd like it if I stopped playing Crackerjack. So, this was a bit disconcerting (okay, it's not like me to overstate something) as if I was going to play Crackerjack anywhere it'd be in the The Global Cafe since that's what it's about. Anyway, I had the hilarious idea that I'd write a new lyrics to The Beatles Back in the USSR (my friend is of Soviet descent).

Back in The Global Café

Went to get an early bus at half past four
Just to make sure I got here tonight
Stepping on I caught the guitar in the door
Man I had a dreadful fright

Back in The Global Café
And now I'm doing okay, yeah
Back in The Global Café

It's been so long I hardly know this place
They used to call it my second home
They've moved it all around it???s all arse about face
Hey don???t you know I like to moan?

Back in The Global Café
You know I've got so much more to say, yeah
Back in The Global Café

Hey Sasha I've got a story for you...

Ukraine girls really knock me out
They leave Reading West girls behind
And ever since that left hook caught me out
You???re always on my mi mi mi mii miiiiiiiiiind

Heading up London Street, it's all going south
It's just the calm before the storm
Paula, Jane, Jonas and myself
We'd like to thank you all for being so warm

Back in The Global Café
We hope we've made your day, yeah
Back in the Global Café

Oh how we all might have laughed!

Best laid plans and everything.

Thanks to everyone who came along, my apologies if I forget anyone but let's see how I do: Nick (all the way from Woking), Helen, Neville, Becci, Dom, Jason, Marcus, Rosa, Andrew (thanks for the photo), Zainab, Tutu, Ray.

Once again thanks to Katherine, Charlie and Paula.

Set List

Global Cafe Gig Poster 11th December 2014