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NEWS 2012

5th February 2012

Nicola Morgan, Richard Bach, Bryan Ferry, Luke Paulo, Jack Cade,


Do you remember when as a kid you'd move a magnifying glass back and forth to get the sun's rays into focus to set a bit of newspaper alight? (Or was it just the pyrotechnics amongst us?) Well I'm not setting the world alight but, this week, having been lightly touched by worlds that had seemed very far removed from me there is a sense of things coming into focus a little.

1. I'm currently writing a book and searching online for some help I discovered author Nicola Morgan. Regardless of the fact her books Write To Be Published; Tweet Right; Write a Great Synopsis are interesting and I suspect in the long term will be a great help, I'm very pleased to just have met her. She won't thank me for saying (for she adopts a "crabbity" online persona) but I think she seems like a a very nice person who brings a lot to the "table of life", particularly in helping writers.

2. This is tenuous but there has been a bit of interaction on Richard Bach's site ( where many interesting ideas are discussed. Richard Bach's writing has had quite a profound affect on my life (rightly or wrongly) and is probably a big factor in why I'm writing now. The possibility that he has looked at this site (Looking At Clues specifically) has a similar vibe to when I met Bryan Ferry.

3. Less directly connected to me but exciting nevertheless is the news that U.S. President Barack Obama has been seeking out Finding Joe. This might not be as bizarre as it sounds as I read somewhere that Obama's mother was an anthropologist (or similar) and so through her, Obama was possibly aware of Joseph Campbell anyway. This is potentially great news for a little independent film and could help more people become aware of it.

4. Three performances from me this week:

5. And finally there's a little poem: The Penguin's Lament.


Don't forget that Luke Paulo has a showcase gig at Deja Vu this Friday 10th February 9.00pm.

And that I have a support slot with Jack Cade at Deja Vu on Friday 24th February.

For up-to-date performance information please refer to the Gig 2012 page.

Hope you're having a great (albeit probably cold) weekend.

With Best Wishes,