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NEWS 2012

9th December 2012

Newsletter 9th December 2012 - Anniversary / Birthday Gig on Tuesday


Two performances since I last wrote:

"It's The Way I Tell 'Em"

"Like a Million Dollars"

There is a small addendum to the section on the new album Postcard which is currently being written which can be found here. In essence it is a pointer to some new writing that I am doing here. I appreciate that this new work might lose a few people but I'm hoping too that some might find some resonance with it. Regardless of the audience, the writing has great significance for me and is establishing the direction in which I shall next go. Ostensibly I feel I've been at this point twice in my life before and have on both times turned back to safety and security. I think this time is going to be different.

As such, although I do not intend next Tuesday to be a Ziggy Stardust moment (i.e. the last time I perform) I guess I do see the gig as the full stop on a certain phase. It would be great if you could join me on Tuesday night which, with the addition of Paula and Damien and many other important people who've appeared in this first fifty years of my life, is going to be quite special I think. More details can be found here.