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GIGS 2012

Tuesday 11th December 2012

The Global Cafe, RISC, London Street, Reading

Affaire de Coeur Music Ltd presents:

Damien A. Passmore / Paula Curtis / Andrew Shearer

"They Think It Is All Over..... It Is...... Oh Hang On A Minute...."

Oh how I huffed and puffed.... (:-) Paula Curtis and Zac Yeo Damien A. Passmore

What can I say? That felt like a special night to me and some thank yous are in order.

Without doubt the biggest thanks go to Paula Curtis (and Zac Yeo who joined her for one song) and Damien A. Passmore who both surpassed my hopes and expectations. Special mention too for Reading4U Radio DJ Joanne Kelly, who was game enough to join me without warning on stage to play the singing bowl on You've Got The Magic Back. (Although unplanned, it now feels entirely fitting that Joanne should feature in my show as the success of my interview with her in September was one of the highlights of my year). The video footage of the night that I have isn't great (unfortunately I also didn't get the last two songs of Damien's too) but I think you can tell from it how good everyone was. Many people said to me afterwards how much they enjoyed everyone's performances; if you're a Facebook user then you're more than welcome to add a comment at the bottom of this page so that Paula, Damien and Zac (and Joanne!) can read for themselves.

Big thanks too to my friends, family and old colleagues who came along. Some of you had travelled some distance (and in some cases what seemed like several lifetimes) to attend the evening. I tell you I was quite bowled over by the applause I got on Tuesday, it's never been quite like that before and of course that fed back into what possibly felt like my best and most enjoyable performance.

Of course thanks too to the friends / fans of Paula and Damien whom I don't know, it was great to see you all there on Tuesday and thanks for coming along.

Finally, just one more special mention. I'm very lucky to have the friends that I have and the one that I've known the longest in Reading was the one that was feeding the cafe (and apparently the rest of Reading!) with birthday cake. Thanks for arranging that Zain and making me a laughing stock with the everlasting candles. (:-)

I guess you always think when you reach 50 that's the time when you anticipate that you'll feel it's all over. It's not how I feel. In fact it feels like those bloody candles, inextinguishable, and like I'm only just beginning. However it is probably the end of one phase and if it is, I'm not sure it could have ended much higher. Thanks everyone.

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