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NEWS 2012

21st December 2012

Newsletter 21st December 2012 - Year Highlights plus Thanks and Best Wishes For Christmas & New Year.


Two performances since I last wrote:

"They Think It's All Over....It is....Oh Hang On...."

"It's All Falling Into Place"

I guess this time of year is the time when you look back and review the year. I am particularly grateful for the following:

  • The invitations to play longer sets. I find these far more satisfying than the open-mic performances. Primarily the longer sets have been at the Bohemian Night showcases (four in total) but also for White Bear Productions, HubFest and also supporting Merv Young and Stuart Wheaton in Aquillo; Mark Stratton in 12 Truths; and all three in Silverscreen band at the RhuBar in Basingstoke on two occasions. Naturally, the zenith was playing for what felt like my home crowd on 11th December at The Global Cafe.

  • Something Wild used in the radio advert for CavFest. Much credit should go to Andrew Holdcroft's guitar work for this great piece of news mid-year.
  • Interview with Joanne Kelly. You know when you meet some friends and the energy flows back and forth and you feel like you're expressing the person that you really are? Well I felt that was the case when Joanne interviewed me. I've said before I thought the interview was successful because of the preparation that Joanne had done beforehand. It felt as if I'd expressed myself better in those two hours than I have ever done with some friends and family. As one friend (ex-friend! (:-)) put it: "I just listened to the interview. Really good. You didn't come across like a tosser at all!"

On that note, it is only left for me to say thanks for your support this year, as always it is greatly appreciated. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a very happy new year. For me I think this next year could be quite interesting as I'm not sure where I'm heading except that I feel like I'm going in the right direction. My next major performance is Bohemian Night Showcase at Monroe's Rock Cafe (used to be Deja Vu) in Reading on Friday 18th January 2013. If you fancy blowing the new year cobwebs away and potentially being energised for the year to come, it would be great to see you there.

With Best Wishes,