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NEWS 2013

Tuesday 24th December 2013:

The Global Cafe Gig, Naomi Vallance, DJ Joanne Kelly, Season's Greetings


The Global Cafe Gig - 12th December

Due to Paula and I being unsure how well we were to perform at The Global Cafe we had a special guest Raji K and he played a blinder of a set (as did, as expected, Paula and Damien). Here's a link to a pictures and video of the night.

Naomi Vallance

A couple of decades ago I was teaching maths to Naomi Vallance, little did I know what a great singer she would become. (Obviously all down to my maths teaching!) She's had recent support and praise from Sam Brown (of 80's "Stop" fame) and Affaire de Coeur Music have just completed a website for her: Here's a small clip of Naomi from this year's Henley Festival:

DJ Joanne Kelly

Joanne has been a valued supporter of mine (and many of the local music scene) , Something Wild and she often plays many of my indie-rock favourites on her radio show, Strawberry Sundae. I just wanted to let you know the show has now moved to Blast and is now on from 7-9pm on Sunday nights.

So, I guess that's it for this year, music-wise I've got a private party to play at, muchos writing to do and a development in my live act to manifest. When you're all at sea it seems there's never any rest. Well actually there is and perhaps that's where I've been going wrong: too much "motoring"! ("Still?" you might ask, well in my defence it's a hard habit to break, largely motivated out of fear I'm coming to realise.) And I'm not talking about the parking tickets, traffic contraventions and car breakdowns that all occurred in the space of three days recently. Or maybe I am? Perhaps there are some clues there? But anyway I digress. Really I just want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy new year. And if you live in the UK, I hope that the weather hasn't disrupted your plans too much to be with your family and friends. Have a good one. Be safe. Try and be understanding to those around you.

With Best Wishes,