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GIGS 2013

Thursday 12th December 2013

The Global Café, Reading, RG1 4PS


"Postcards From The Edge"

Well, I think that went well. It's hard not to have that result when Paula, Damien and Raji are playing. I've been reading a book recently which used the term "emotional truth" and I think that sums up what I feel about Paula's songwriting. One of her songs in particular tonight epitomised one of the reasons why I wanted to be a songwriter. Damien was his usual deceptively insouciant self and is like one of those good books that you might read more than once, getting something more on each visit. I particularly liked his new song "I Would've Been A S**t Cowboy". Last but certainly not least is Raji, who because Paula and I were both unsure due to health reasons how much we'd be able to sing, stepped in with only thirty-six hours warning and possibly played the best solo set I've ever seen him do.

For my part, I'm not sure I was that great this evening (Am I ever? Do I ever?) Unfortunately trying to organise everything means that invariably any prep for the performance keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the list. The plus point of this is that I think most people including the venue go away from the evening happy, the disadvantage is that as I edit the evening's video my head is in my hands as I cringe at myself. (Damien, I'm sorry, that "gag" (I use the term loosely) with me standing on the chair introducing you didn't work the first time, God knows how I ever thought I should do it a second...). It might have been an idea if I'd kept to my "usual set" but that felt like I would be going through the motions so I decided to mix things up a bit and also debut one of my oldest songs. Postcard requires a bit of fingerpicking which I realised a little bit too late could've done with a few more years' practice.

The highlight of my set for me was when half of "The Dancers" (Greg and Suzy Davies) came up and started to dance during what was meant to be my last song. It was only at that point that I felt things started to go well and so I decided to squeeze in one more song. It really was great to see Greg, Suzy, Pete Close and Carole dancing throughout the night and it took me back to those Monday nights in The Jolly Angler a few years back.

Thanks to all who came along, in particular (apologies if I miss anyone): Joanne Kelly (she has a new radio show, don't you know? Details here), Khamsina, Stuart, Suzy, Greg, Pete, Carole, Zainab, Rosa, Tutu, Ryan, Luke. Thanks too to Will Gooding for doing the sound. And once again, as always, big thanks to Paula, Damien and Raji for their great performances, it wasn't a bad way to end the year! (:-) Talking of which, if you'd like to catch Paula and Damien again (in addition to some other acts) before 2013 disappears they are playing The Lyndhurst on New Years Eve. (Facebook event here.)

(Apologies to Damien for the video dying and missing the last couple of his songs on the video and thanks to Khamsina for the photo of me. )

My Set

Global Cafe Gig Poster 12th December 2013