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  •  Andrew Shearer @ Rowbarge Guildford 2013. Photo by Vic Cracknell
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BLOG 2013

Tuesday 16th April 2013

Sony Radio Awards

Last year, Radio DJ Joanne Kelly played no small part in a boost in my confidence by giving a great review of one of my gigs and playing Something Wild numerous times on her Strawberry Sundae radio show .

Indeed late September she even invited me in for an interview (can be found here) which I felt was a great success, and that was largely the result of her detailed preparation and background research (I saw her notebook!).

I know I'm biased because she's been so favouravble to me but I do think she delivers a great indie rock show on a Sunday night, playing established and upcoming acts (particularly from the Reading music scene) and I'm hoping you'll support me in trying to give her a boost similar to that which she gave me by voting for her in The Sony Radio Awards. Do it soon as soon as possible as voting closes on 10th May. Thanks!