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BLOG 2013

Wednesday 1st May 2013

Hickies: The Music Shop

Okay, so first off, apologies to those of you searching for information about love-bites. This is about a long established music shop in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

From a previous post you'll have read that "The Shearernator" is being retired and so I needed to find a new guitar. I've always thought that Hickies, which is probably the longest established music shop in Reading was a little old fashioned, a bit "fusty" and not really moving with the times but as I was passing the shop I thought I'd pop in anyway.

My assumptions were soon proven to be ill-founded by the help and advice given by Jack who listened to what I had to say and gave examples of what I might like to consider. There was no perceptible pushy "sales-patter" from him at all. However as this was my first shop to be visited, I wanted to look elsewhere to see what else was available and get more advice. Over the next few days I developed more of an idea what I wanted though nothing thus far had really set me alight. I'm keen to support a local business if I think it deserves it and having been impressed on my previous visit I thought I'd just return to Hickies to see if they had anything which was close to what I now had mind. In fact within moments of walking into the shop I discovered a guitar which I kind of fell in love with at first sight and subsequent playing.

Jack wasn't around but another assistant Ed was equally as helpful and non-pushy. As it happens, as I was discussing the guitar with Ed, Jack came in on his day off and spent some further time with us discussing and demonstrating the guitar's merits.

I didn't buy the guitar there and then as I wanted to get a second opinion. Characteristically helpful, the guys were willing to put the guitar aside for me until that was possible. Thankfully my guitar tech (sic) Rob Sowden gave the thumbs up and I bought the guitar.

I'm very happy to express my gratitude and recommend Hickies. I was very impressed with the informative but non-pushy help, advice and service that I was given. Thanks too to Rob Sowden and Andrew Holdcroft for sparing me a couple of hours out of their busy schedules.

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