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GIGS 2013

Thursday 18th April 2013

The Hook And Tackle, Reading (RG1 2ND)

White Bear Promotions presents:

Raji K / Jacob Papageorgiou / Andrew Shearer / Jason Riordan

"The Shearernator Swansong"

I always like going back to do a 45mins set at The Hook & Tackle and Thursday was made just that little extra special by the warm reception I got when Jason Riordan introduced me.

Recently I've been a bit surprised by favourable comments about my voice. Certainly there's a confidence which is helping in these matters though I sometimes wonder if a perverse application of Einstein's Theory of Relativity isn't taking place as the compliments are relative to the sound of my guitar (nicknamed the Shearernator by Raji K) which is getting less than favourable reviews more frequently these days. I think after twenty years it's time to retire the old beast. To paraphrase It's Just Not There:

"God knows that we've been trying
But it can't be right if my audience keeps crying
I was hoping in time things would change
But any improvement in my playing seems in vain
I don't regret a thing
But still there's something missing
It's not that I don't care
But it's just not there "

Having said that I thought the "virtuosic" Raji K did a relaxed characterful set when he borrowed the guitar and perhaps it's fitting that the guitar's last public use should be when it has possibly never sounded so good and with some frets finally losing their virginity.

In addition to Raji K's performance which was all the more creditable for him having been delayed at work I thought the other two acts were great too. Jason Riordan's performance was more of an act than his usual "warm the audience up" and I thought his introductions to his songs worked well and complemented them. (Jason also needs to be thanked for the great sound I felt I was getting.) Jacob P's wizardry with an array of pedals and his building of loops gave the impression that he was accompanied by a full band. There are some very talented people out there.

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