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GIGS 2013

Wednesday 6th February 2013

The Crown Inn, Theale, RG7 5BT: open-mic

open-mic hosted by Roger Watson.


What can I say? I just always like going back once a month to where I had that disastrous start. I hardly know Warren, Gaz, Trevor, Naomi, Tracey, Roger but these people always treat me as a friend and the conversation is always great and interesting. I felt my set went well apart from getting into a (largely disguisable I think / hope) mess with my timing on Sympathy of The Devil but I think on the whole it was well received; it certainly felt good, thanks to Roger's sound. I always love when Warren and Gaz do Manchester Orchestra's I've Got Friends, this time however made all the more special when Naomi joined them to sing.

My Set:

I have a second 45-mins set this week at Sunday's Bohemian Night Showcase at Bohemian Night Rock Cafe. More details Sunday 10th Feb - Monroe's Rock Cafe, Reading - 7:00pm


Poster for gig on 10th February 2013