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GIGS 2013

Thursday 7th February 2013

The Hook And Tackle, Reading (RG1 2ND)

White Bear Promotions presents:


"Job Done"

Hmm I'm not sure if last night wasn't my best ever performance actually. I have never been sure that I wanted to be a performer or what type of performer I could be but last night I felt like myself and the set have morphed into something that works. As Damien A. Passmore once said to me: "Just amplify who you are". Ultimately that's key I think: trusting and being yourself.

Of course it helped to have an appreciative audience last night. So thanks goes to Jacob P's gang who responded to my little bit of Greek banter. Thanks too to my Bohemian Night colleagues: Luke Paulo, Raji Kulatilake, James Histed and Maija. Special thanks to Liisa Ford, Luke and Raji who came down especially to watch both myself and Maija and James. (Additional thanks for Luke who was very amusing standing and sitting as I sang Get Up!; it's very tempting to get him on stage ala early 80's Howard Jones. He also shouted out a request for You've Got The Magic Back which maybe was fortuitous as I was just about to do They're Going To Get You).

Big thanks too to Mark Tyas for giving me what seemed like a great sound.

I have a second 45-mins set this week at next Sunday's Bohemian Night Showcase at Monroe's Rock Cafe. More details can be found here: Sunday 10th Feb - Monroe's Rock Cafe, Reading - 7:00pm

And if you can't make that you could do a lot worse than listen to the aforementioned Damien A. Passmore and his band, The Lovable Fraudsters on Joanne Kelly's radio show Strawberry Sunday this Sunday at 6pm. (You can always record it if you want to do both, I will be.)

My Set: