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GIGS 2013

27th September 2013

Propaganda, Fleet, Hants,GU51 3BU

Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Luke Barrs / Andrew Shearer

This has been thus far possibly been the longest time I've played in public (about an hour?). Unfortunately the charity morning (lunch really) wasn't well patronised. I'd be interested to know the reasons why Macmillan Cancer Support chooses a Friday morning when most will be at work rather than a Saturday or a weekend which I would have thought would be far more effective. Anyway, we did get some customers and it was a very enjoyable few hours and I was happy to have helped in my small way.

Very good to meet and listen to Luke Barrs too. They say you should never discuss religion and / or politics but we seemed to be on the former within a very short time. We're on slightly different paths but nevertheless I found his story interesting.

Thanks to Tayler and Matt and the rest of the staff who made us feel welcome. (The chicken burger I had at Propaganda was delicious.) And also Brian Hurrel of Wychwood fame, who came along to watch but also gave me a copy of Wychwood's EP which I think is very good; I'm not a fan (or maybe I am now) of English prog rock but I enjoyed this, particularly the musicianship and the overall sound which is pristine.

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