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GIGS 2012

Wednesday 31st October 2012

Deja Vu, Reading, RG1 2LG

Bohemian Night open-mic hosted by Rob Sowden

"It's Not You, It's Me"

Well it's been a long time since I played Bohemian Night, not due to any intentional avoidance but just because other commitments have taken priority. And it was good to be back, particularly to see regulars such as Luke Paulo, Phil Morrison, Raji K, James Histed and Maija. I particularly enjoyed James and Maija's version of Maija's song that starts "One Two Three Four" (I can't remember the title - update: I'm reliably informed that it's called: "Four Steps".) I thought that was pretty cool actually.

However as much as I enjoyed the evening and the acts I did go away feeling a little nonplussed. Perhaps I wasn't really in the mood for music and performance Wednesday night. I certainly felt my performance was perfunctory and lacklustre (though with less amnesia than Sunday which was probably due to not broaching difficult subjects). I guess some consolation is that if I wasn't blown away by the other excellent acts then perhaps mine wasn't so bad afterall either.

My Set:

Next Week: Tuesday 6th November 2012

Just a reminder that I'm supporting Mark Stratton and Aquillo at the Rhu Bar, Basingstoke next Tuesday. The format will be similar to my gig with them earlier in the year although I believe Mark will be also joining Aquillo for a few songs too.

Also there is my Anniversary / Birthday Gig on 11th December 2012

Don't forget the gig on 11th December. More details here.