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GIGS 2014

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

The Butler, 85-91 Chatham Street, Reading, RG1 7DS, 9:00pm


"Really enjoyed our acoustic night at The Butler Tonight - Thanks to Laz and the performers"

In spite of the lineup changing due to illness at the last minute this evening proved to be very enjoyable, ending with the comment above from from the landlady. Special thanks to Raji K and Congo Nutti for stepping in at the last minute and making the evening as successful as it was.

As for me, I thought my set went well. I didn't have the same problems with my guitar as I had had at my previous gig (so it's seems more likely to be a PA issue at the venue) and in fact to the contrary I though the sound that Laz got for the evening was great (thanks Laz). It's always easier to perform with some friendly faces in the audience and accordingly there are a few thank-yous for those that came, particularly those that I haven't seen for a long time. So thanks: Claire (and friend), Mike, Sasha, Oliver, Helen, Graham (and son). I also want to thank the landlady and Laz for buying drinks for the performers throughout the evening.

Set List