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NEWS 2008

12th December 2008

Thanks for the support at the debut gig.

Cheers - The Debut Gig @ The Global Cafe 2008 (Part 1)

Cheers - The Debut Gig @ The Global Cafe 2008 (Part 2)

(Individual songs can be seen on YouTube ).


Thank you very much for supporting me last night.

It's hard for me to judge how well it went but everyone has been very generous saying it went well, and if that's the case it's because you made it very easy for me. Special thanks to Mr Windridge for sitting in the corner and making me look good. (:-) (Cheers mate for stepping in at the last minute, great job)

Anyway, you made it a very special birthday (did I forget to mention that? (:-) )

Thanks also to Richard Worthington, Daood Khan, Natalie Koldieg who took the video; Tutu Melaku and Will Gooding for allowing me to perform for the first time at RISC. A special mention and thanks to Jimmy Corrigan (Cat Brooks) and Ben Cox-Smith for allowing me to play before they did their sets.

Thanks again and see you soon,


Set List:

01. Something Wild (Shearer)
02. You've Got The Magic Back (Holdcroft / Shearer)
03. It's Just Not There (Holdcroft /Shearer)
04. I Shall Wait Forever (Shearer)
05. Silent Valley (Shearer)
06. Get Up! (Shearer)
07. Cold Heart (Shearer)
08. They're Going To Get You (Shearer)
09. Can't Let Go (Holdcroft /Shearer)
10. Crackerjack (Shearer)
11. Last Night I Saw You Standing There (Shearer)