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GIGS 2013

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Monroe's Rock Cafe, Reading (RG1 2LG)

Bohemian Night open-mic hosted by Rob Sowden

"Spiky Holly"

A bit of a delay in writing this due to getting a short story entered into a competition. Anyway as always Bohemian Night was enjoyable. (A bit irked recently actually by a former Boho attendee trying coax a fellow musician not to attend and go elsewhere. People are free to go wherever they please of course and I think it's great that Reading has such a vibrant music scene but this actually seemed "unfriendly" and disloyal.) When it got to my time to play, Rob asked me if I could make it snappy as the number of attendees was such that we were about to go to the "two song rule". I get accused of playing too quickly anyway so I'm surprised that anybody noticed. It seemed to go well, though one person called it "punkish" and another asked if I was a fan of Buddy Holly? I guess quite flattering though neither have been a huge influence on me.

Also just to remind you on Thursday at The Hook and Tackle in Reading, in addition to seeing Jason Riordan and myself, you have the chance to see, in an intimate setting, the highly lauded The Crosstown Trio fresh from supporting Dr Feelgood. More details here.

My Set: